Privy Poet’ Society: Answers

Privy Poet’ Society: Answers

‘Answers’ has been submitted by Jyotsna Miskeen

In the nights we see the light
A thousand days we think
And on the thousand and one night
In just a short glimpse
We find it lying in front of us
When we can’t move or blink.
Afraid of the colors fading from us
We do not perceive its existence
But yes, it is out there for us
Believing in it and hence
We crave for the acceptance.
As soon as the sky changes over
Spilling darkness all around,
Covering every inch and corner
Printing shadowy house
Not leaving anything out.
And we, the perceivers
Live in these shadows
Half blind sighted
And half mellowed.
The nights will be taken over
The sun will rise
The light of the night
Will be extinguished forever
But never forgotten
And hence, we will keep looking
Looking, till it returns
Looking, till it returns.

Synopsis for ‘Answers’ :

It’s at the hours of the night that we get engrossed in our various thoughts and look for answers to the questions that have been troubling us for long. When we finally give up on a thought, the answer comes to us in the most unique form. All the while it was lying there in front of us but we were too dazed to look clearly for what we were finding. Stupefied, we reject the idea of it but later, we crave for its existence. The night knocks our door, and engulfs everything it touches, including us, and leaves us in confusion of our own minds. But the sun will takeover the night time and again, the questions will sleep away with the night, but will always be there at the back of our minds. And so, like an infinite cycle, we’ll keep looking for the night till it returns and gives us our answers.

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