An Open Letter to Bullies

An Open Letter to Bullies

An Open Letter to Bullies has been edited by Abha Mehra.

“I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who’s insecure.” -Shay Mitchell

“Dear bully,

Hi, my name is Alan.

Yes, I called you dear.

Hello! How have you been? It must be fun having other people fear you, isn’t it?

I have always imagined how cool it must feel, to have other people be afraid of you, or being the one who everybody tries to impress!

You called me crazy when I went on stage to sing a song in front of the whole school. You and your friends gave me the tag of an attention seeker. My parents were there to see me. My mother was so excited about this. She had called all my relatives and told them about this. My dad was taking pictures of me. But from up on stage, I could not see them. All I could see you and your friends. You and your overly rowdy friends who were screaming my name, who were chanting ‘loser loser’. I shivered, my hands were shaking hard, and my legs were practically jelly.

But you know what? That did not stop me. I may have been scared, but I kept going. I sang my song. It may not have been artistic, but I did it. I won against the fear that you tried to create. While you sat there, I had people applauding for my effort. While you and your friends sat and screamed, I made my parents proud. And while you were busy trying to bring someone down, I was uplifting spirits of a lot of people. Because of you, many other kids did not get up there. They were afraid to be judged, to be made fun of.

But when I went up there, I not only did it for me, but also for them. I won it for everyone out there, who wanted to stand out, who wanted to be something different, who wasn’t ready to settle, who did not fit in, who were truly themselves.

So I’d ask you to do one simple thing: GET A LIFE!

Yours sincerely,


Here, with Alan’s story, with an example of a kid trying to sing a song in front of a large number of people, I have tried to reflect upon the problem of every victim of bullying. It is not only the kids in school that get bullied. Bullying is everywhere. In college, at work, amongst peers and colleagues and even amongst families.

I remember a friend of mine once expressing his wish to become an entrepreneur one day, to start his own company. He shared his plans with us, sitting at a table during lunchtime. A friend of ours laughed at him for ‘making such a bad joke’. He said it was nothing but a dream, has settled in because of watching too many movies, and it’s stupid to even consider it an option. From that day onwards to today itself, he continues making fun of my friend by calling him ‘Entrepreneur’ in a smutty manner.

That, in my opinion, is the worst form of bullying. When you make fun of someone’s ambitions, you reach a new low. An individual aspires to reach somewhere in life, to achieve something that they dream of, and instead of helping them, instead of lifting their spirits, you are demotivating them, you are breaking them down, when you, in your life have no clarity? Nobody has the right to force their own way of thinking, or their own vision down someone’s throat. To such people, I’ll say it again: get a life!

Your “kind” makes fun of people for being who they are. Without a second thought, you make fun of someone’s appearance, their speech, their way of dressing. Of people who are different from you, only because they are different, or better, I daresay.

You make fun of a tall guy for being too tall and of a short guy for being too short. It’s almost as if your only job is to check people’s heights and judge them based on it. And later continuing with the name-calling. Pretty lame and uncouth, isn’t it?

The above was just an example, this applies to everything that is used as a scale to judge people. To all bullies, please identify yourself, it is high time you had a reality check. See how stupid your concept is, or you are.

But what you (bullies) don’t realise is that under the curtain of being funny, you are mentally and emotionally attacking someone. To you, it is just words. Perhaps, means of entertainment. However, for us, it’s a lot of pressure, life altering and ending, at times.  Your high-fives are causing a nervous breakdown to someone.

Your gags are the reason someone isn’t able to sleep at night. I do, with all my heart, appeal to all the bullies to stop trying to be funny. Because you’re not funny!

Also, if you still continue to be the same, I have merely one request that I’ll make as politely as I can,

Get a life.

Yours Truly,

Outlet of your insecurity

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Rushi Joshi

I judge people based on what their favourite movie is.