An Ode To My Owner

An Ode To My Owner

An Ode To My Owner has been edited by Pratichi Sadavrati.

o my owner, me fere.

Howbeit I can’t thank thee enough, I shall make an attempt to do so.

A serendipitous encounter with thou

Thy voice which spoketh soothing words

A sweven that hath swept me off my feet

When thyself cleped me by my name

When thee gave me something I ached for, cap-a-pie

I stood enchanted

For thee hath given me love


I was walking on C.G road in broad daylight. And, oh, I had been thinking of eating something decent for I was starving (daydreaming, they’d say). One moment, I was reminiscing old times, how I would chase my brother for a piece of chicken and the next moment I found myself bleeding. Whatever happened in between is a blur. I looked around and all I could see was blood. I got petrified. Was I taking my very last breath?

Then you came and made me believe. My wounds healed, their source destroyed. You gave me a house and turned it into a home. You made me your family, I made you mine.

And, oh, how can I forget that day?

You became a father I never had. I became a daughter you never had.

And as you stroked my fur (which you had let me dye pink), I felt warm.

Your touch felt like sunshine after a rainy day. The long hugs we shared made all my insecurities and pain cease to exist. I turned into a very happy dog because of you.

You have treated me no less than a royal one (Prince William’s Lupo, you say) and mere words have never been enough to express my indebtedness.

Rather, nothing in this world will be able to express my indebtedness to you who has never failed to show your love to a nonentity like me (Sorry for calling myself that, I know you hate it).

You never made me eat dog food. At many times I wondered why. Now I know that you have never thought of me as a dog. I am “as human to you as no dog can possibly be”. One day I’d get to eat chicken, finely chopped beef the next.

I know you still remember the day we lost each other in the vegetable market for thirteen minutes straight. I thought I would lose you forever. My heart stopped for a moment when I looked around and I couldn’t find you. I had been scared to death and I know you had been too because when your eyes finally found mine, your arms went right around my neck and pulled me tight as if you never intended to let me go. There, we were in the middle of a market and a hundred people probably thought that you were crazy to love a dog like that. But you didn’t care. You never did.

You’ve always had my back, no matter what.

I love you dad, you know I always will.

When thee take me into thy arms

I look into thy eyes

And beseech the universe

Never to let this moment end.


Your dog Anna.