Privy Poet’ Society: Am I?

Privy Poet’ Society: Am I?

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Am I just a feeling that doesn’t last forever,
Or the soul that sinks into relentless pain.
A pebble that is kicked and turned over,
Or the fall leaves that slowly decay.

The river that never stops but ends somewhere,
Or the whistling woods that whisper away.
The dreams that are dreamt but don’t last forever,
Or the hair that turns slowly grey.

The sly smiles of smirk and attitude,
Or the agony that I feel when I see your face.
The suppressed emotions seeking liberation,
Or the fake smiles that crowd my face.

The masked truths that are slowly revealed,
Or the crickets that annoyingly crackle away.
The presence that isn’t seen but only felt,
Or the moments that shouldn’t end any day.

The darkness that demands to be ended,
Or the tears that slowly rush down my cheek.
A helpless person just longing for love,
Or just one huge passing phase.

I am the only one sitting beside me,
Listening to myself and crying in vain.
In the hope that maybe someone notices,
Asks me if I’m fine or if I’m insane.

Rukmini Chariar

Rukmini Chariar - A literature freak with a singing prowess. Emotional with a pinch of darkness in her nature. A tiny girl with not so tiny dreams.