Places Where People Go Wrong When Talking About Mental Health

Places Where People Go Wrong When Talking About Mental Health

“You have latched onto my skin from underneath,
I’ve begged and begged and begged and begged endlessly,
although you, you are so stubborn,
left me with shards of peace.”

Everyone is writing about mental health, how they “are there”. But how many of you are truly there?

How can you be there for someone else when you are not there for yourself? Do you not think your midnight cries deserve the space to flow freely? I think it does. It deserves the safety you promise to everyone as a Facebook status and Instagram story.

Last night, during one of our events, a woman performed a piece that compelled people to think for themselves, and she assured how if they could not, she is there for them. She clearly was brimming with emotions as she performed, and it is hard to believe that someone feels so deeply without experiencing the same on some level. It made me wonder, are we capable of being so empathetic, that it leaves a lump in our throats and eyes abounding with emotions for someone else’s pain?

I do not know where am I heading with this, it is just that there is so much to say and little words and lesser time. It is fucking scary; the knowledge that you are absolutely unaware. What if the next hour plausibly is your last hour or that of a loved one?

I have issues, but I am not depressed. I do not have severe mental health issues. But I think all of us, at least some point of our lives have been at that pedestal where living seemed futile or happiness a distant and surreal reality. And if you have, show your life, your emotions some respect. Suffocating yourself every passing moment will get you nowhere. You will end up in a casket, in a burial or burned down into nothingness.

Yes, there is a lot of discussion over and around mental health, do you know why? Because we need to condition ourselves to the fact that it exists. It is important to understand, that the throbbing pain in your head and heart that has been demanding to be felt for such a long time is not ‘okay’. Even if it does not turn into a brain hemorrhage or a heart attack. You cannot wait for something catastrophic to hit you hard, whilst a time bomb is ticking in your head.

Before placing your hand on someone’s shoulder, accept the one on yours. It is the least you can do for yourself. Do not fall head over heels in love with your existence, but start with acceptance, maybe.

If it is too preachy for you but a pang of guilt lashed out somewhere deep within, it is time you make the changes. Because “too late” does not seem too far these days.


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Abha Mehra
Abha Mehra

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