A Reader Wrote

A Reader Wrote

A Reader Wrote has been edited by Rushi Bhimani. 

I love reading.

Not because it makes me look cool, or because I have a hard time bonding with actual people, and certainly not because I’m alone.

I love reading, because it takes me places which are only a distant dream in reality. A place that is unimaginable and perfect. It takes me to the place where, contrary to the real world, emotions are real, but the people aren’t. Here, I cannot meet my friends, but I can feel them. I can learn new things without having to worry about giving tests to prove the extent of my knowledge. Where I can fall in love and not have my heart broken. Where I can hate someone freely. Where I can feel sad and cry whenever I want to, without being judged.

It is a place where my smiles are caused by exclamation marks. My tears flow with full stops. I can go on an adventure without even leaving my desk. My adrenaline boost varies with the page-breaks, commas, punctuation marks and the syllables used by the author. Here, I get a little sad when I finish a book, happy when I start another. The change in the font discomforts me a little. Also, how can you forget that amazing smell of a new book? Hey, and I actually care about my bookmark!

I can live ten years worth of life in a week, and that of two days in a month. Because here, time is just a number. I can be a detective, a hunter, a thief, a cop, a professor, a student. Because depending on what I’m reading, it changes; I’ll start thinking like the protagonist. Guns, knives, catapults, canon balls, swords can be defeated by a single magic wand. Where justice creates its own path, where the righteous is always the winner. Here, the society does not decide good and bad. I do. I am not a Hindu, or a Muslim, or a Christian or even an Atheist. Here, I am a follower of the ultimate religion—Humanity.

A reader wrote - Lutalica

In a book, my nationality does not matter. I am a citizen of the earth. Oh no, sometimes even the earth is tiny. I am a creature of the vast universe. Sure, I am a tiny entity in the grand scheme. But I am a huge persona that matters to it.

Births can be sad and deaths can be good. Reading taught me everything is about perspective. It enhanced the vision of my brain. My mind became my eyes. It has given me so much that I can barely remember it all.

I love reading because reality is an illusion at this beautiful place. Here, imagination is in the driving seat, with limits sleeping peacefully in the back. I can meet people that don’t exist, live the life I want to. It is my escape from the shackles of reality and misery.

I love reading, because reading is freedom. Freedom from the shackles of society. Freedom from the trap that is socializing. Breaking the myth that you cannot have fun alone.

I love reading because it completes me.
-A reader.

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