A letter to the Drifting-Apart-Bestfriend

A letter to the Drifting-Apart-Bestfriend


Dear Drifitng-Apart-Best-Friend,
How are you?
No, I don’t want ‘I’m fine’ because honestly we both know that we are going through a turmoil right now and why not talk it out rather than complain about each other to strangers?
So yes, things aren’t working out and I know the sole reason that we are not bringing this up because suffering is better than losing friendship of several years but this, this is toxic. We are simply not letting go of each other because we’re afraid that we’ll stain the memories that we made together and are terrified to step out of the comfort zone when all our life, we’ve known just this one person who has known us at our warmest and coldest of times. We’re hesitating to break it off because we’re not sure if we’ll find a home in someone again.  In a world where people feed off other’s insecurities there is every reason for you to be scared, scared to be left out alone in the cold with nowhere to stay or no one to confide in. But is the fighting, anger, frustration, jealousy and misery any easy?

We became friends at such a young age with no idea whatsoever  about the world or even ourselves and we have changed so much since then, it is only safe to say that so has our minds, souls and choices. But it is alright you know, to not be so fond with people you used to be back then and we do have a choice now. A choice to bond with someone who thinks like us, a choice to become happy, a choice to find a new home, a choice to let go.

So let go because the memories we made, they’ll always hold a special place in both of our hearts. Let go because there is someone out there who can give you so much better and what you actually deserve. Let go because life is too short to hold on to relationships that are nothing more than a label.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be the Joey to your Chandler but hey, I’m sure there is someone out there as crazy as you about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. looking for their ‘Bracelet Buddy’.

Until then,

Have faith.

Yours truly,

A best friend who cares.

P.S. – Who said I still couldn’t be your 3 a.m. call?

Aryaki Joon

Just a 16 year old eternally stuck between having a healthy lifestyle and pizza.