Reader’s Entry: A Letter to Life

Reader’s Entry: A Letter to Life

A Letter to Life

By Janki Raichura

We both are the most faithful pair to each other,
You and I have always completed our duties together.

You put me on fire, I walked with rage,
Other challenges given, I do break.

You threw me down a thousand times,
I got up and walked back a million miles.

What you taught me was to cry,
What I taught myself was to again, smile.

The only regret I have since so long,
Is too see you lose and sing a winning song.

But I still have faith I’ll win from you at last,
When, with me, hugs of death will only last.

But please don’t cry that moment dear friend,
‘Cause I hate sadness in the best companion the almighty had sent.


Life is definitely a tough road. Still I consider it my best companion since it never leaves me. We both do our duties sincerely. She never forgets to give me troubles and I never step behind in overcoming those. Life has writhed me and my soul, but we still go on trying. Somewhere at the bottom of my heart I feel that I could never be able to defeat it. But I still have hope that when I die, life would diminish. On that note, I end my poem showing a very caring nature towards life, no matter what it gave me; since I strongly believe that there could not have been any more faithful friend than ‘My Life.’