A Goodbye!

A Goodbye!

I didn’t cry myself to sleep. I didn’t wail. I wallowed in misery and let melancholy seep in slowly.

My heart fluttered at the sight of all the roads and cafes we have been to.

My eyes welled up with tears on seeing a video titled ” things you will only know if you had a 3 a.m. Conversation” knowing we had many.

My lips smiled at the sight of seeing “typing” under your name but my hands grew cold, for I couldn’t type, realising that it was just a screenshot.

My face turned pale when I saw couples happy in each other’s company by the river side.

My eyes watched myself fall into waters of sorrow but people didn’t hear me fall. 

The roads outside my colony stares blankly at me and shouts out your name. Rides back home will always be etched with your memories.

The clean swept, puddled roads and rains, the cool breeze besides the river will remind me of you. Oh how I wish I could stop rains!!

Today as I walk down my workplace, alone on my way towards home, I will remember you but I will keep a stiff upper lip.

I leave with ’emotions’, ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s’ closely tucked in my handbag. You will never know and I, I will never say.