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Trapped – Unexceptionally one of the best movies of 2017

Trapped Trailer

Trapped - Unexceptionally one of the best movies of 2017

Just think of a situation where you are trapped in an apartment and you do not have any way to get out of it. What will you do, if you just have one water bottle and a packet of biscuit to survive? What will you eat? Will you be able to survive? If yes, till when?

Vikramaditya Motwane brings you the survival thriller which is probably the best movie of this year. The story revolves around the protagonist being trapped in his own apartment which was on the 35th floor. The entire movie is being shot in one room. There is no hero, no heroine, no villain. There is just one man, who is in the race to get out of the apartment alive and meet his love.

You might have seen many movies of these type made in Hollywood based on getting trapped and successfully surviving it. However, this type of movies is not generally made in Bollywood. It is one of its kind.

The story starts with Rajkumar Rao finding a home to settle down with the one he fell in love with. He wanted to have an apartment on the very same day and in a limited budget. He finally managed to get a house in one of the buildings named Swarg on the 35th floor. The story actually begins when he was about to take her beloved but he forgets his phone. He went to take his phone back but forgets the key in the door and suddenly the door gets locked.

The cell phone has 5 percent battery and in no time the battery drains out. Meanwhile, he realises that there is no electricity in the house when he puts his phone on charging. As the movie proceeds, it shows the failed attempts he makes to unlock the door.

This will make you grab your seats and mind will constantly think that now what next? Slowly, even the water and a pack of biscuit were getting over. However, he did not lose his hope. He tried one or the other way possible. 

In between all his attempts, the director captured very smartly how he craves for BhajiPav once he gets out of his flat. 

There was a scene in the movie when he sees that the water is coming in the kitchen but he is not able to go as he is afraid of a rat.You really empathise with him on seeing the water flow reducing from the tap. Can you imagine of drinking your urine in the worst situation? Even the thought gives a weird kind of expressions on our face. Well, this survival thriller showed it all.

There are many such instances in the movie and I really cannot tell you what happens in the end. I refrain from revealing it and will advise you to go watch the movie. Nevertheless, there are high chances you probably can relate to 127 hours in someway. Actually, I was not able to do so. This movie definitely makes you give the suggestion that do this and do that. 

You really cannot question the skills of the Udaan and Lootera film director. The direction was super amazing. The background score was not bad either. Rajkumar Rao delivers his one of the best performances after Shahid and Aligarh. However, what captured my attention was the cinematography. Sheer brilliance it was.

I will just say go watch this movie. It really needs to be appreciated.

Vyom Desai

Philosopher. Wanderer. Nuclear Engineer. Budding teacher. Kickass social worker. A true samosa enthusiast. Remember, blackberry is bae.

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