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Privy Poet’ Society: The Incessant Soul

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Privy Poet’ Society is a section of Lutalica that is dedicated solely to poets and their love for poetry.

 The Incessant Soul

My soul the night sky,
Dark, endless, calming and beautiful.

My thoughts the stars.
Twinkling to show its beauty and power.
The stars fill the sky.

My words, the wind,
Calm, yet can tear things apart.

The moon, my mind
Spotless from far, but not, if looked closely

The clouds are me
Moving forward, growing
Yet breaking down sometimes,
but never leaving hope.

I am infinite.

Pratichi Sadavrati

Pratichi Sadavrati – Amateur poet. Sarcastic. Iron Man and Game of Thrones fanatic. Baller. Connects with nature and humans. Temerarious.

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