SHE. | Lutalica


She was cloaked in confidence and charm intertwined like a chain, 

Nothing fazed her, sunshine or rain.

Her eyes sparkled brighter than the stars,

Her voice held the refreshing notion of spring,

Her skin the warm colour of honey,

With raven tresses as dark as the night,

She possessed the grace of a dancer.

Though her strength knew no bounds, 

She was befallen.

She believed in fairy tales when they danced in the moonlight,

She trusted when he said he needed her,

She loved with all her heart. 

Then his true colours came to light, 

He was a villain disguised as a knight.

All his deceptions unveiled, 

She was befallen.

Gone was the fierce beauty with glittering eyes,

In their place were eyes as empty as blank canvases.

Gone was the laughter etched on her face, 

In its place was a frown.

Gone was the woman full of life,

In her place was a disheartened shell.

Empty of emotions, 

Lost with loss of love,

Bequeathed with betrayal,

She fell

Into a fog of confusion and depression. 

He thought he broke her, for good.

But she was a phoenix, 

She rose from the ashes into a golden warrior.

This time no longer naive, 

Her eyes burned with the power of knowledge, 

Her spirit fuelled, her spark reignited. 

She rose not for vengeance, not to spite, not to shatter

But to inspire, to heal, to share her light.

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