Nothingness | Lutalica


But today, I don’t want to get up.
I won’t show anymore anyhow.
One, when pastries and pizza can’t lure anymore.
Aren’t the quotes, beliefs, sayings overrated?
Maybe I am too young to fly.
Or maybe it has been so old to speak more.
Maybe I am too fluffy with words right now.
Or maybe I am too high to give a damn.
Maybe that greenery around doesn’t make sense.
Or maybe that sarcasm is turning into reality.
Maybe it will win today and I lose.
Or maybe it was already decided game!
Maybe the music is too loud.
Or maybe I am too loud to not listen.
Maybe the moments are too touchy.
Or maybe they just pass through the corners.
Maybe those relations are too strong.
Or as they are not there to be in a loop.
Maybe there are always illusions, no reality.
Or maybe there are dreams untouched somewhere.
Maybe there is soul, rooh, heart, love, peace.
Or maybe there is only mind and freedom.
Maybe there’s nothing in everything.
Or maybe it’s everything in nothingness.
Let it come and go.
Let it be.


-//Nihit Parikh

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