Happy Feed #3 | Lutalica

Happy Feed #3

Happy Feed #3 | Lutalica

Happy Feed is a weekly list put together by the Editorial Board showcasing positive content-based media. Anything that can inspire, attract or surprise makes it to the Happy Feed.

  1. 1 Dunkirk - Supermarine - Hans Zimmer

    Just when you think you have heard it all from Zimmer, he comes out with the most intense soundtrack for Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie, DunkirkIf you are as hyped up as we are, you will probably tremble after five and a half minutes too.

  2. 2 Father Of Daughters

    Simon Hooper, better known as Father of Daughters on Instagram is a dad to four beautiful daughters and the only man in the house. He documents his days on Instagram and the man is all about his captions. On a side note - Hooper is quite literally Dad Goals!

  3. 3 ICC Women’s World Cup 2017

    An India vs Pakistan cricket match is always compelling. For one, they are arch-rivals. Second, both the teams come from cricket-crazy nations. On Sunday, women teams of both the countries will lock horns in their third World Cup fixture taking place in England. And the picture says it all, India is prepared.

  4. 4 The World Is Stashing Seeds In the Arctic

    Over 135,000 genetic deposits have been stored at Svalbard's Global Seed Vault, founded by the Crop Trust group in 2008, since the vault's opening, to be used at a further date in case crop diversity is threatened due to changing global conditions.

  5. 5 Ozzy Man Reviews - Tortoise Vs Cat

    You will roll on the floor laughing at Ozzy Man's sheer savagery in the Tortoise vs Cat review. All the things you need on a weekend night to drive you to the Monday Blues by making you burst into endless laughter.

  6. 6 The Local Train - Khudi

    This new song by probably the best alternative rock band in India will make you want to leave your 9 to 5 job, pack your bags, and simply travel wherever you can.

  7. 7 Chicken With Rice

    Game of Thrones has its set of emotionally harrowing moments, and one of the major ones happened last season, when Hodor had his story revealed. In a new video commercial for KFC, Kristain Nairn faces a similar moment, but with a funny take.

  8. 8 Pizza Pot Pie

    Not a pot pie, not a deep-dish pizza, this dish is its own tasty entity.

  9. 9 Imagine Dragons - Walking The Wire

    Imagine Dragons disappointed when their second album was missing all those things they burst on the scene with - the cool percussions, aggressive beats, and interesting musical arrangements but the third album Evolve ft. Believer, Thunder, Whatever It Takes, and Walking The Wire brings it all back. The Imagine Dragons have found their mojo and they are here to steal yours!

  10. 10 The Imperial March

    Well, in an ominous decision, the background music chosen for the PM to walk off the stage after his GST speech was The Imperial March  - theme song to none other than Darth Vader from Star Wars. Has The Empire finally won?

Editorial Board is a team effort of Lutalica, that consists of different mindsets coming together and moulding words into emotions.

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