Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Coldplay Favourites | Lutalica

Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Coldplay Favourites

Mid-Week M.E.L.A: Coldplay Favourites | Lutalica

There is nothing I can write about Coldplay that has not already been written. Coldplay to me is not a band or four good friends who decided to make music and made a living out of it. The band to me is an experience, a feeling, a form of art. It is the perfect harmony of a piano and a guitar. Coldplay is more than Chris Martin’s voice, it is Guy Berryman’s clear bass lines, Will Champion’s thumping drums, and Johnny Buckland’s guitar solos. The band is making a difference, affecting our lives on a daily basis. I have tried to focus on the band’s top 10 songs that I feel are perfect for your Coldplay needs and will instantly put a smile upon your face no matter what you are going through. Each of them has a deep and resonating meaning, they can be played on a loop and you will not feel the need for a change.

  1. 1 The Scientist

    A remarkable piano ballad, The Scientist has a cataclysmic falsetto finale that raises every hair on the back of your neck. A song for the ages, every word, every note, and every chord – it is all perfect. Martin has covered it acoustically on piano and on guitar, and it is just as beautiful. The Scientist is for late night stargazing or for drowning in music while in bed, shutting the world out.

  2. 2 Fix You

    An unabashedly sentimental song where Martin delivers words of encouragement in a gentle high pitched voice; proving once again that no other band can deliver a stately rock ballad like this one. No matter what the situation is, the song stays true to its word and it does fix you. This is the cream of the band and the song never fails to leave your eyes moist and your heart heavy.

  3. 3 Yellow

    When you talk about Coldplay, it is a sin to leave out Yellow. No matter what you say about this song, does it justice. Thumping drums, springy acoustic guitar, a clear bass line and Chris Martin’s voice - Coldplay got it right very early and have been doing that ever since. Every time that electric-guitar riff barges in, you are hooked all over again. If you catch a concert, this song is right at the start and is a pure bliss. You are bound to find couples in love next to you crying their eyes out to this one.

  4. 4 Paradise

    As we move farther to end out the top 10, I think it starts getting fairly obvious that Paradise will be right up here. Boiling strings, rattling synthesisers, bass-heavy beats - Paradise brought a few new tricks to the table. For the lightweight chorus, Martin dangles the title word Para-Para-Paradise like a squirming fish on a hook and well, we have all sung our lungs out to it. Rock fans that could not get behind Viva La Vida probably will not appreciate Paradise. However, the track is like a sip of a fine red wine on a wintry night for the fans that have been onboard since Yellow.

  5. 5 Clocks

    Clocks, the A Rush of Blood to the Head track known for its swirling piano hook, driving beat and falsetto chorus, might just be the ultimate Coldplay song. It is surprising that Clocks came in at only number five on this list. Chris Martin’s phenomenal piano playing accompanied with Will Champion’s drumming makes this song a classic and a staple at all of their live shows.

  6. 6 Warning Sign

    Over time this song has become a big favourite among the band’s hardcore fans. The gentle and sentimental tune has clearly inspired many fans too. The video making skills here may be nowhere near to where Coldplay is today, but boy is the music a joy to the ears. Warning Sign is one of those perfect songs for when you screw up and want them back.

  7. 7 In My Place

    In My Place marries lyrics imbued with deep regret and mistakes, I was lost, I was lost/Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed with lyrical melodies and guitar hooks that sparkle. Coldplay is an expert at it and makes it work very well. When Martin sings, Please, please, please/Come back and sing to me, he totally makes you believe that he wants you to come (pun intended?). And why not? The song is absolutely lovely.

  8. 8 Magic

    Ghost Stories is the most underrated Coldplay album in my opinion. The music on this album and on Magic is unlike Coldplay at first, but it grows on you and by the time you are done, it leaves you spellbound. Magic features a similar production style to the tracks on Mylo Xyloto, yet contrasts with it's softer, less colourful music so to speak.

  9. 9 Adventure Of A Lifetime

    Following the lines of A Sky Full of Stars, this song is incredibly vibrant in an almost childlike blissful way. It gives an energetic rush to the listener. The guitar and the drums come in a big way and get you jumping up and down. Another one to pep you right up and get you grooving.

  10. 10 A Sky Full Of Stars

    A Sky Full of Stars is a happy song, something that the band's fans had not experienced up to that point. It packs a punch and has to be the most energetic Coldplay song we have heard from the band. It was their first foray into merging electronic music with alternate rock. Quite frankly, they did a bloody brilliant job. This one could be your morning jam to get you out of bed and get cracking.

MBA during the day. Guitar player at noon. Footballer in the evening. Drunk writer at night.

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