A Momentary Pause Of Life | Lutalica

A Momentary Pause Of Life

A Momentary Pause Of Life | Lutalica

Flush it all with disdain.
The touch, the trust, the first kiss
And everything that curtailed.
With a blink of an eye the moment slip by
Fragile night with storms inside
Questioned to us of where we belonged.
The venom unleashed
infused with dreams.
As the wrath of chaos
gazed at the other end of night,
searching daylight, hard to avoid.
Strange, calm, near but far,
we were everywhere
running away from our scars,
Selfish, yet selfless,
draining our brains
with endless melancholy
blending into the cacophony
that deciphers the numbing pain through eyes.
Wallowing in fear,
loathing the unknown,
you opened the secret door,
the passage to my soul…
Through a black hole.

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